Adding a Perfect 70 to Your Coin Collection

Adding a Perfect 70 to Your Coin Collection

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A Perfect 70 coin. An item of beauty in its pristine condition. Coins are graded by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) grading scale. The ANA is a non-profit group created in 1891 and chartered by Congress since 1912.

The Perfect Uncirculated coin (MS-70) is at the top of the rating scale. It’s described by the ANA as being in perfect, new condition with no trace of wear. The finest quality possible, these coins have no evidence of scratches, handling or contact with other coins. According to the ANA, “very few regular issue coins are ever found in this condition.”

In order to be a Perfect 70 coin, it must be free of visual marks under 5x magnification. Perfect coins are full struck and lustrous. A struck coin is produced from dies and a coining press. A fully struck coin is one that has all its intended detail. The bust, date, legend, motto, denomination and other pieces of the coin are complete and sharp. A lustrous coin still has original mint bloom, meaning it has maintained the original luster created at the time of production.

When a coin is made, the strike and die determine the quality of the coin. Any number of issues can cause the quality to decrease during production – from lint in the die to the alignment of the strike. From there, it travels with other coins bumping and scraping against it. Therefore, it’s very rare for a coin to come out flawless and unscathed. This makes the Perfect 70 coin a hot collector’s item.

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