Benefits of Collecting Foreign Coins

Benefits of Collecting Foreign Coins

06 February 2019 0 comment


Whether you’ve been a collector for years or are new to the realm, many will agree about the benefits of foreign coins. Whether a valuable coin is found in the wild or purchased, obtaining a rare coin brings a sense of pride to its owner. Since coin collecting has been popular for decades, it’s easy to find message boards, group pages, clubs and conventions with others that share your passion. Because of this, coin collecting has actually become a very social hobby for many. Here are some other benefits to coin collecting.

It’s Fun!

When coin collecting, the thrill is in the hunt. We’re surrounded by thousands of coins every day in the workplace, a department store or restaurant. The majority of coins are worth little more than their original assigned value. However, it’s often easy to miss a valuable rarity mixed in with other change, as we’re usually rushed during business transactions.

Potentially Profitable

If you decide to start collecting valuable coins you might be shocked to see the range of value that exists. Coins sold by Common Cents range from $20 to more than $1,000. The most valuable coin we have currently in stock is the 1668 NGC MS-62 1/16 Speciedaler Gluckstadt Denmark coin, priced at $2,000. However both antique American and foreign coins have sold for much more. The flowing hair silver/copper American dollar of 1794 recently sold for a whopping $10 million dollars! The rare Edward III coin, minted in medieval times, sold for $6.8 million.


What’s great about viewing ancient coins is the surreal feeling of time travel you experience. Discovering pieces of ancient cultures provides an insight into how our societies differ, but also how they may have been more similar than we expected. Researching a coin’s design and history can also educate you about how the various governments functioned at the time.

Importance of Reputable Dealings

If you’re just beginning to collect, we’d recommend starting with lower-value coins until you’re comfortable with investing in higher-value coins. If you’re strictly focused on investing in high-value coins, we cannot stress enough the importance of a reputable dealership. Coin value fluctuates and frequently small differences make a big impact in value. Common Cents can help walk you through the process and get you the best deal possible. To reach out for a consultation, visit the contact section of our eBay store or call us at 513-576-1189.

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