Have Fun and Make Money Collecting Sports Memorabilia

Have Fun and Make Money Collecting Sports Memorabilia

28 December 2018 0 comment


If you’re a sports fan, there’s no greater thrill than watching that game-winning home run or touchdown that propels your favorite team into the winners’ bracket. Unless of course, you are the owner the game-winning ball autographed by the player who scored the winning points.

Collecting sports memorabilia can be a thrilling hobby. You get to own a piece of history and relive its significance over and over again. Plus, you’ll always have something to discuss at parties and your piece could also be a great investment.

Why is Collecting Sports Memorabilia a Good Investment?

According to Forbes, sports memorabilia is a multi-billion dollar industry. And, it’s easier than ever to buy, sell and trade memorabilia thanks to our eBay store.

The key strategy to making money in this niche though is to keep to the tried-and-true legends (Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Ken Griffey, Jr.), or to invest in rookies you think will make it big. Watch your players like you might monitor the stock market. Keep an eye on trends and current trading prices and remember not to spread yourself too thin.

So long as there are always players and fans, this industry is here to stay. Consider investing in a few pieces now for long-term gain down the road.

Collecting Sports Memorabilia is Fun!

The hobby of collecting sports memorabilia is fun. Finding out you’re the winning bidder on that Aaron Rodgers helmet–that’s cause for celebration right there! But so is owning more than one piece of history. You could collect across the board or you could specialize in one field, say baseball or rookies.

Part of the fun is the thrill of the hunt. You can also make friends with fellow collectors, or become an expert on the art of collecting.

Watch Out for Fakes

Just like any other collectibles industry, sports memorabilia is also full of fakes and forgeries. Take steps to protect yourself from losing money on counterfeit merchandise. Remember to be on the lookout for a seller’s reputation and his or her inventory. Ask to see the item in person or for certificates of authentication. And, finally, remember if the deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Invest in sports memorabilia from a dealer you can trust. At Common Cents Coins and Collectibles, we possess more than 50 years of combined experience in coins and collectibles. We invite you to stop in, or call and ask us questions about your merchandise. We can also conduct an appraisal for you if you want an expert set of eyes on a piece before you purchase. We invite you to stop by and visit us today! We’re located at 402 Main St., Milford, Ohio 45150, and online at Common Cents Coins and Collectibles.

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